Unity in the City

Unity in the city has revolutionise the Gospel Music Industry with an eclectic combinatiom of Music, Comedy and Dance.

Unity in the City, the total Game Changer is an affordable family event with a luxurious VIP appeal. It is more than just a concert. It is a special event ordained by God to save the lost, revive the saved
and inspire hope and optimism in everyone who attends. It is Jamaica’s Number One, most anticipated and sought after gospel event.

Event Management

From the Vision into Reality
SWOT Business Solutions Ltd -“The Team of Experts,” is a faith-based business and banking consulting firm
located in Jamaica. We provide specialist solutions to help the owners of small to medium sized businesses,
Private Clients and Event Organisers to reach their maximum potential. We pride ourselves in converting
challenges into effective solutions through a tailored and strategic approach. We assist our clients by honing
their strengths, examining their weakness and analysing differential advantages and opportunities.

We are committed to our motto:

“ Our client’s success, and the success of their business, is the only acceptable outcome.” STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT*CONCIERGE BANKING CONSULTANCY * IDEA DEVELOPMENT*BRAND PARTNERSHIPS DIGITAL OPTIMIZATION* PROPOSAL CREATION* ACCOUNTING “ The best way to predict the future is to create it”